Heywood_Pastel_Class2Pastels Made Easy Workshops

A solid foundation of logical, hands-on knowledge is key to working with any art medium. Based on Heywood’s book, “Pastels Made Easy” (Watson-Guptill Publishers, NYC), this workshop includes simple non-objective exercises developed with the adult student in mind, in addition to a step-by-step “paint-along” of  a realistic pastel painting. Demonstrations and patient, non-hurried instructions create a relaxing and fertile learning environment. Originally tailored to the beginning adult pastel student, a Pastels Made Easy Workshop is also perfect for artists recently returning to pastels and instructors interested in enhancing their own knowledge of pastel painting and teaching methods.

Heywood_Pastel_ClassPastel Workshops for Your Organization

Anne Heywood’s workshops are fun and educational events that your organization will love. In general, they include demonstrations and logical instruction in a supportive class environment with constructive critiques. Students  enjoy plenty of independent student painting time and “instructor’s-hands-off” assistance at their easels. Available in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-day versions, Heywood Pastel Workshops are well organized and tailored to your group’s needs.

For further information and to schedule workshops for your organization, please contact Anne Heywood.