A one-of-a-kind painting of your special place, occasion, or pet is the most personal piece of art that you will ever enjoy.

Here are some frequently asked questions about commissioning your unique painting.


Do you paint special scenes or subjects upon request?

Robin's Bluff, pastel, 11" x 15" copyright A.Heywood 2015

Robin’s Bluff, pastel, 11″ x 15″
copyright A.Heywood 2015

Yes, I do accept commissioned work, that is, paintings or drawings whose subjects you choose and which are executed to your personal specifications in my style. Subjects which I have painted as commissioned pieces are houses, boats, urban and rural scenes (some which include people, some which do not), and pets.


How does the commission process work?

The commission process is easy. Here is how it works:

  1. Email me high resolution (300 dpi) digital photos (.jpegs) of the subject (the more photos I have, the better) and the approximate size you would like the painting to be, with a few words or sentences describing your subject.
  2. After I review the material you have sent me, I will contact you to discuss the details of your future painting.
  3. I will then work on and send you one or more black- and-white sketches of what I propose to paint, for your review and approval.
  4. Once I receive your approval, a Commission Agreement with an estimate and a written description of your future painting will be emailed to you.
  5. When I receive the signed and completed Commission Agreement with 50% deposit, the painting will be scheduled to begin. Before your painting is finished, I will send you an image of your painting-in-progress for your review and any minor adjustments.
  6. Your painting should take roughly 4 – 6 weeks to complete, depending on the number of commissions that I have. Upon completion of your painting I will email you a picture of the completed painting and an invoice for the balance due. (In addition to personal checks, cash, and money orders, you may pay in person or over the phone with the following major credit cards: Master Card, Visa, Discover, or American Express.)
  7. Upon receipt of the balance, I will ship your painting to you or you may come to one of my studios/galleries (Maine and Massachusetts) to pick it up.  A signed Certificate of Authenticity accompanies your painting.

Can you paint from a photograph?

Yes, as long as the photograph is clear, in focus, shows true colors, and is at least 4″ x 6″. Digital photos(.jpegs) should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Please note that I can, and often do, combine information from different photographs into one painting, in addition to making other adjustments (move, enlarge, delete elements, for example).


What kind of photographs will make the best painting?

Photographs taken with a 35mm camera or a digital camera are usually very good. I am looking for visual information, so the best photos to work from are taken on a sunny day when the sun is low in the sky and shadows are long (early in the morning or late in the afternoon). I can also paint from slides. If you have traditional printed photos or slides, please send me only copies of your original materials. I do not work from copyrighted material, such as calendar or magazine pictures.


What are the smallest and largest sizes you paint?

9″ x 12″ (23 x 31 cm) is the smallest image size I paint for simple subjects; the largest I have painted is over 5 feet (154 cm) long.


How long will it take to finish my painting?

Every painting is different, but it generally takes 4 – 6 weeks, depending upon how many other commissions are before yours, and the size and complexity of your particular painting.



Zeke/Dinner Guest

What does a commissioned painting cost?

Here are some sample prices for one subject (in reference to pet portraits). These prices do not include framing, taxes, and shipping. Signed Certificates of Authenticity are provided for every commissioned piece.

Commissioned paintings are matted and unframed. Please note that all of my commissioned work is custom sized, that is, each painting is formatted according to the best composition of the piece. As a result, most of my work is not sized to standard sizes, as per the following sample image sizes. The following information is, therefore, given only as a reference for prices.

Color (Pastel)

  • Image size 9” x 12” USD $425
    "Bernie", charcoal pencil

    “Bernie”, charcoal pencil

  • Image size 11” x 14” USD $625
  • Image size 16” x 20” USD $1,275

Black & White (charcoal pencil/pencil)

  • Image size 9″ x 12″ USD $325
  • Image size 11″ x 14″ USD $475
  • Image size 16″ x 20″ USD $950